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Security Metal Detectors
Widely used in airport, railway stations and in various public areas for security purpose, the Security Metal Detectors are preferred for their high detection sensitivity level. These detectors consist of transmitter coil through which electricity flows and creates magnetic field. The movable magnetic field alters the movement of electrons of atom of any metal object on which these detectors are swiped.
Baggage Scanners
Widely used in railway stations and airports, the precisely designed Baggage Scanners are equipped with ergonomically designed tunnel, metal conveyor with high load bearing capacity, x ray sensor and image display system. These scanning equipments adopt cutting edge x ray based photodiode array technique with accurate detection method. The automatic malfunction detection facility of these scanners ensures their better performance level.
Explosive Detector
Accessible in portable design, the provided Explosive Detector is appreciated for its high sensitivity level and uninterrupted operation. The lithium ion battery and ion mobile spectrometry technology of this detector helps in its efficient detection process. High detection speed, reliable analysis method, stored information upgrading facility and long working life are some key attributes of this detector. This explosion detection product can be obtained in different specifications.
High Security Devices
Developed and designed by dexterous professionals, the ergonomically designed High Security Devices are appreciated for its utilization of state of the art surveillance technology and high performance level. The provided devices are equipped with high resolution camera with water proof design, bright light, standard grade cable, automatic sensor, image intensifier tube and battery status indicator to name a few. Easy to comprehend mechanism and long working life are some of the key attributes of these devices.
Detector Sensors
Widely used as integral parts of building security system, the provided Detector Sensors are appreciated for their user friendly operation, portable design, fast detection mechanism and reliable operation. These are specially used during identification of any hazardous items like narcotic substances and weapons prior to sending alert to security personnel. Some of these sensors are equipped with image editing system to optimize security network.
Explosive Ordnance Detection
Explosive Ordnance Detections are known for their long working life. These use state of the art vacuum UV lamp ionization technology for correct identification of possible hazardous products. These user friendly systems support positive and negative dual modes based detection technology.
Parcel And Mail Scanner
Our Parcel & Mail Scanners ensure security & safety for your staff as well as premises. These are designed to detect a variety of threat items; they are effective in detecting Malicious mail, Explosives, Weapons, and Chemical threats etc. Also, we provide assorted solutions depending on your security needs. Our systems are ergonomic, compact, and operate in a variety of locations.
Surveillance System
Provided Surveillance Systems are reckoned for their advanced features and user friendly design. These have high sensitivity level and their service life is long. High accuracy level is one of their key aspects.  These systems use latest technology like dual stream video processing.
Narcotics Detector
These ergpnomically developed Narcotics Detectors are known for their short response duration and high accuracy level. These have wide applications in army, police etc. Long working life and high strength are their main features. We offer these products at reasonable price range.
Premises Security Solutions
Bomb Suit Cooling Units have been developed from standard grade blast proof fabric. These are effective in safeguarding users against fragmentation. These units include blast proof helmet that has aramid core. Long working life, accurate mechanism and reasonable price are their key aspects.
Remote Control Systems
Our Remote Control Systems have proven wireless technology. These are advance security devices that provide convenient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for safety protection. They are easy to use, and have a high level of accuracy. Also, we offer high security remote controls for various business needs. They offer a simple way to better connect with different security systems.
EOD Robots
We provide EOD Robots that are based on proven technologies and latest industry standards. They show great compatibility and extendability in the field. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robots are great for various security needs. We offer these to suit your particular needs and budget. They are used for the capture, transfer or destruction of dangerous materials. The robots are rugged, dust-proof, shockproof, waterproof, and have high performance standards.
Cargo Scanner
This range of Cargo Scanners has been developed as per global norms. Maximum scanning speed of these products is 400 mm/s. These use radioactive substances cobalt as their radiation source. Their radiation energy level is 1,25 Me V. long working life is one of their main aspects.
Metal Detector Gate
Security Road Blocker is used to prevent unauthorized entrance of vehicles in high security area and in public places like hospitals, road construction sites and airports to name a few. It can easily integrate with different access controlling systems. Standard grade mild steel has been used to develop this product and is surface is powder coated or is galvanized to avoid harsh weather.
Electronic Surveillance Equipment
The range of Electronic Surveillance Equipment offered by us is preferred for its adoption of cutting edge mechanism that includes LCD display system, digital keypad, high resolution image capturing system and outstanding scanning capacity. Accessible in different configurations, the offered range of item is widely used for security and monitoring purpose for its reliable operation, efficient functioning and long working life.
Vehicle X Ray Scanner
Vehicle X Ray Scanners are known for their error free operation. High sensitivity level, ergonomic appearance, fast scanning mode, high maneuverability and long working life are some  of their unique features.  These premium grade scanning solutions support latest drive-thru scanning technology.
Mine Detector
This range of Mine Detectors is reckoned for its long working life and improved performance. These highly sensitive detection solutions have uninterrupted operation. These can identify the presence of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with high speed. We offer these products with advanced features.