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Parcel And Mail Scanner

Widely used in railway, metro, airport and other high security areas, the precisely designed Parcel & Mail Scanner is used to detect flammable or volatile substances, harmful chemicals, medicines and defamatory mails. This scanning equipment is featured with high resolution image acquisition system with high speed operation, advanced malfunction detection system, highly efficient amplification unit and ergonomically designed image database handling function. This scanning device can store images in a number of format options like PNG, BMP and so on. The advanced roller of this Parcel & Mail Scanner revolves during movement of scanned luggage on its conveyor belt. Long working life and wear proof design are some of the key attributes of this scanning machine.

Features of Parcel & Mail Scanner :-

  • Anti slippery conveyor belt of this scanning equipment prevents fall of luggage during transportation.
  • Easy to comprehend mechanism and robust construction are some of its key features.
  • Error free detection facility.
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XRC 75-55 Parcel Imaging Systems

Precisely designed XRC 75-55 Parcel Imaging Systems are meant for x ray based examination of prohibited items found in baggage in airport or in railway stations. These imaging systems are capable of identifying dubious substances with their algorithm based software. The multi language supporting facility of these systems simplifies their handling method. Quick starting facility, long working life and accurate functioning are some of their main features.

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XRC 150-165 Parcel Inspection System

The XRC 150-165 Parcel Inspection System is useful for checking objectionable content inside briefcase and all sorts of baggage. It consists of image storing facility, date and time displaying arrangement, advanced image processing section with multi colored image analysis function and alarm after detection of explosive substances. User friendly design, low energy to high energy switching function, image reviewing section and self diagnosis facility are some of its special features.